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Theatre Credits


A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Demetrius 

COVID-19 to Places Productions


Baggage - Bradley Naughton

Modjeska Playhouse


Henry V - Constable of France/Grey

Shakespeare by the Sea


Cyrano - Le Bret

Alchemy Theatre Company


The Canterbury Tales - The Nun’s Priest

British American Drama Academy


Guerilla Shakespeare: Attack of the Bard  - The Knave

Slanderous Tongues Theater


Young Artist Project 2012 & 2016 - Lead

Phantom Projects Theatre Group


Dead Man’s Cell Phone - Dwight

USC School of Theatre


Wind River - Father Anthony

USC School of Theatre

Production Photos

Zounds! Online Productions

During the COVID-19 pandemic when theater performances ground to a halt, BJ founded Zounds! Online Productions by bringing together a fantastically talented group of actors from his various productions. Beginning with live readings of the Star Wars Shakespeare trilogy, Zounds! has performed dozens of plays weekly via Zoom to audiences on YouTube, providing a fun and inclusive space for all (and a good amount of drinking and laughs!).

Performances are ongoing and more information can be found by visiting the group's social media pages below.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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